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Dec 6, 2013 3:00pm EST
, sub standard healthcare policies to driving a ford focus. said they both get the job done. explain this metaphor. that?o you mean by >> well, what i was saying was i low-priced car when i was at the white house. that's all i needed. it served me very well. and if you deemed that car to be substandard, you'd be verynating a lot of qualified vehicles from the road. now, the question is when you talk about healthcare, which want to disqualify? so when the president said that he wanted to make sure that we substandard healthcare plans, in fact, what he was doing was probably going in the wrong direction. mostlans that are effective for the economy are those that insure catastrophic , ensure the kinds of things that people can't cover and need insurance for. be bare boness to plans. but they're very efficient. they tend to keep the cost of becausere down individuals then bear the cost of their own healthcare. go and have a plan that has lots and lots of frills and overs everything, people use that. one statistic -- i know you're out of time. statistic. if you look at switzerland and com
Dec 9, 2013 3:00pm EST that means he gets no government subsidies, paying nearly $600 a month in premiums. others do not need to roll -- enroll because they are covered by other insurance. that includes ted cruz. he is covered by his wife's plan. she works at goldman sachs and her insurance is valued at some $20,000. he is by pat -- bypassing taxpayer help. i should point out his fellow texan governor, the only lawmaker choosing not to have health care at all next year. he says he is willing to pay the penalty. qwest thank you. -- >> thank you. the fcc has announced it has decided to push back its auction to try to make sure the software actually works. megan hughes joins us now from washington. deal is this whole thing? qwest it is a big deal for the wireless industry. the moment the first bid is placed at this auction, so, the original plan was for the fcc to publish auction rules by the end of this year in the spectrum 2014.n would be wheeler has pushed back until 2015. a new timetable will be voted on early next year. wheeler saying in a blog post, -- here is why it is important for the wireless
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2